World Pride in TO

As most of the residents of Toronto know, the World Pride 2014 event was held here this year. It was added to the annual Toronto Pride week meaning that things were happening from about June 20th – 30th. Church Street was closed for two weekends and on the last, Wellesley Street was closed from Jarvis Street over to Yonge Street.

2014-07-18_15-45-01I live at the corner of Church and Wellesley and that positioned me at the epicentre. On the last weekend there was a stage erected under my bedroom window that ran shows pretty much non-stop between 10 a.m. and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday but stopped at 11 p.m. on Sunday – thank God! On that stage, there were drag shows (men performing as women), drag king shows (women performing as men), male strippers and a variety of other live performance options. In among all this was a featured performance by Toronto’s internationally famous vocal group, The Nylons.

I’m committing this post to photos. I just purchased a Canon SX50 HS Powershot camera and once I started clicking, I couldn’t stop. Below, there are links to some of the almost 500 shots I took.

Let me apologize up front for the quality. Some photos worked and some really didn’t. My decision was to use as many as I could. So,

  1. you can just live with the uneven quality of the photos (after all, Pride Toronto wasn’t always in focus either). Or,
  2. you can consider the collection a metaphor for the visceral emotional and physical melange that arises from the fundamental nature of the reality of being and the ontological and cosmological infusions that encompass it in the vain attempt to answer the question – Can you truly be certain of the existence of anything outside your own consciousness?

Your choice…
The Crowd; The Faces; EntertainersBoosting Pride

And now that it’s all over…