Who’s Bob… ?

Hi. I’m Bob, a former musician, human services professional, administrator, project manager, program coordinator and writer.

Wail on the beach!!! Cuba.

Wail on the beach!!! Cuba.

I’m ready to make a major change in my life. In order to get my pensions (and gifts from my colleagues) I have to call it retirement.

I hope that most readers will read about my adventures and think “You-call-that-retirement!?!?!”



I’m starting this blog so that my friends and colleagues can follow my journey from full employment to what I hope will be a very lively retirement. Whether I’m poking around in Toronto or gallivanting and carousing half a world away, readers will be up-to-date.

A real Panama hat from Ecuador...

A real Panama hat in Ecuador…

I’ll try to keep my words light, and look for the humour in things. I’ll post lots of pictures to give a sense of what I’m seeing and where I’m focussed.