Toronto… again

Greetings to my Ecuadorian expat friends. This post is mostly for you.

My last week in Cuenca was a busy one. It centered on music and reinforced, for me, one of the key features for making Ecuador my home. Along with frequent trips to the Jazz Society club, there was a memorable jam at Fishbon del Sur. Housed in an 80-year-old colonial house in historic El Centro, this artists retreat is modeled after the original Fishbon in Santa Barbara, California. It’s a creative cooperative. Artistry of almost any kind is celebrated here. It’s a forum for “education and support for creative collaboration, mentorship and the visceral experience of visual, aural and performance-based art. It also provides exhibition space and residencies for artists and their work.”

On my last Fishbon visit before leaving South America I enjoyed the efforts of some outstanding North American musicians from all over the continent who had landed and stayed in Cuenca. Here are some photos. At some point in future, I will make sure to upload some performances to Youtube.

The first few days back in Toronto were a little rocky as I seem to have brought with me a colon full of little critters. After 5 months of perfect health, I managed to contract this infection scant days before my return to Canada. My Ecuadorian doctor, Anthony Guíllen, provided me with the medication I needed and off I went. For some reason, the flight home was fairly comfortable and I arrived in good shape. On my second day home, I was floored and spent the next week barely leaving the apartment. And, I had an attack of gout (courtesy of a change in diet, I suspect).

I am now settled in Toronto at my friend Kevin’s downtown apartment, on the 16th floor, with one of the best views of Toronto. As always, click on any of my photos to enlarge them.

pano Toronto by day 2 - May 2015 005 Toronto by day 2 - May 2015 004 Toronto at night - May 2015 015







And, of course, there’s fun in the sun.