8 November 2013

Lunch yesterday with the landlord. He’s offered to take me for a look at some of the less central communities that I should be aware of, and, where I might like to live. That’s tentatively arranged for Sunday.

After lunch, I finally took a city tour. I’ve been here 3 weeks and still hadn’t got around to it. I hopped on the red, double-decker, open-top bus and we lurched off through the maze of inner city streets. As I’ve mentioned before, Cuenca was not originally perceived of as needing space for cars  let alone red, double-decker, open-top buses (well, it was “perceived” a couple of hundred years ago). In consequence of this, every so often, the tour guide would yell, “LOW WIRE!!” in Spanish and English. Depending on which language he used first, two distinct little groups of us would duck in sequence . Once he said nothing and grabbed a wire bare-handed, held it aloft and walked it over our heads the length of the bus!  Sadly, it happened too fast for a picture.

The tour commentary was mostly about architecture and history, but the highlight was mirador de Turi, a mountain lookout (well, mountain-ette, really)  offering a view of all of Cuenca. Not to digress, but, about 100 or so metres before Turi lookout is the home and studio of Eduardo Vega, an internationally celebrated artist who works in ceramics. The president of Ecuador presents his work in an exchange of gifts with visiting heads of state. A seemingly modest man, he sometimes visits the public area of his studio and chats anonymously, unless recognized, with visitors. For images of him and his work, click Eduardo Vega. (Click your “back” button to return.)

The Turi view:

Click on this (or any image) for an enlarged view.

Click on this (or any image) for an enlarged view.

2013-11-07 15.47.58 2013-11-07 15.50.07

In the evening, I went to La Viña,an Italian eatery with live jazz. The venue was too dark for pictures, but, it was perfect for jazz. I’m going back tonight.


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