31 October 2013

Yestrday, I had a manicure. There are questions during a manicure. Here, they are posed by the manicurist in Spanish. I politely nodded and smiled at every one – including, I guess, the one about nail polish. I now have the shiniest fingertips in Cuenca – for a guy.


Tonight’s highlight was a trip to the symphony. The program featured the 1812 Overture. It was an open air affair held in the courtyard of a huge museum. Because it was held outside, the pyrotechnics were, to say the least, extreme. Theatrical canons, loaded with flash powder boomed on cue – I mean BOOMED. This  was followed by a five-minute-straight fireworks show that you could feel, it was so loud.

2013-10-31 20.21.24

2013-11-01 00.14.18-1 2013-11-01 00.13.16-1 2013-11-01 00.13.35-1

While was out and about today I had a beer with my lunch. Friends and acquaintances (and probably some people who’ve only met me once) will be chuckling and thinking – only one?  Well, look at the size of this sucker…


Note my bus pass ID leaning up against the bottle.  That’s 24 oz of brew yur lookin’ at pal. And, it sells for two-fifty a pop!

After lunch I went walkin’. Now, I know that some may see the next photo as tasteless, but, as soon as I find the “Jock Straps ‘R’ Us” store – the pictures will be right up there:


I did take a few architectural shots, too (in hope of a bit of redemption).



And for those of you who wonder what I do with my fingers while I’m taking pictures with a a tablet:


Tomorrow night, I’m attending Day of the Dead (“http://artcuenca.com/events/day-dead-celebration-0” – for those of you who want to know more). This is a yearly celebration in much of South America. The event starts with edible dough sculptures and liquid concoctions at 8 p.m. My review will follow.


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