25 October 2013

On Wednesday, 23 Oct., I went to market ( little piggy that I am ). I purchased fresh eggs and pastries. I left my tablet behind so I don’t have any photos. The problem is that I have no way of linking my camera directly to my tablet. The USB cords that I brought all have a large end (for a computer) and a small end (for a device). I need two small ends (device to device). It didn’t occur to me to look into that before I left and, at the moment, I wouldn’t know where to start a search. So, all the pictures here are taken with the tablet and they aren’t as good as what I can get with my camera.

Everything here seems to be at the top of the stairs.


 In front of my apartment, a cliff rises for many metres. To get to restaurants, museums or bars you must climb.  Now, there is a good restaurant down below, but it’s 4 flights up. Almost the same hight as the top of the stairs.

Inca and Spaniards faced-off here about three hundred years ago, each on an opposite side of the Tomebamba.

2013-10-22 10.41.40

The Inca, preparing for a fair

 fight, waited to advance down the cliffside and engage the Spanish. The Spanish, less concerned with a fair fight than with missing their siesta, circled round and attacked from behind forcing the Inca over the cliff. History buffs may choose to correct me.

Today, I took it easy. Stayed close to home. I got a bit of a burn at the market yesterday and I feel a little tired. Tomorrow, I’m going to the Panama hat store. I think I should have gone there before I went to the market.

IInteresting thing about Panama hats. They don’t have anything to do with Panama. They orignated in Ecuador.  There are two different versions of their history. The first is that one was worn by Teddy Roosevelt on a much publicized visit for the opening of the Panama Canal. This set a fashion trend and the association with Panama led to the name. The other story is that Ecuador sent these beautifully woven hats to the World’s Fair in Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century. Everything shipped abroad, in those days, had to go from,  you got it, Panama. The Ecuadorian hats arrived in Europe in crates bearing Panamanian export stamps. They were thought to be hats from Panama – Panama hats. If you want to buy a real Panama hat, make sure that it’s made in Ecuador!!


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