18 October 2013

So, here I am in Guayquil, Ecuador. My flights were on time, the service was great and… it was airline food. The first leg was Toronto to Panama City. That was okay. I was in a 3-seat row with one other guy, so, lots of leg room and all-in-all, quiet.

From Panama to Guayaquil it seemed like most of the passengers were babies. Crying babies. For the whole 2 hours. I think frequent flyer points are a big part of their college fund, but only if they cry – so they all do!

At the Guayaquil airport I went into some kind of meltdown. First, I got through immigration okay, but then I messed up customs. I found the baggage carousel after a bit of hunting and while I was waiting for my bag I noticed that everyone had a little card all filled out. Nobody gave me a little card . I went to one of the airline flight attendants, who was waiting for her own bags and asked her what to do. She got me a card and I filled it out. I had to enter my passport number so I did and wandered off with the form but left my passport on the deserted counter. The flight attendant chased me all the way to customs so she could give it back to me along with a cheery but sincere lecture about the evils of leaving one’s passport where I left mine.

I wandered over to a cab, showed him a picture of my hotel and he took me there for 3 dollars. My reasonable hotel room cost 56 dollars and for not gouging me, I over tipped everyone out of gratitude . They should have just gouged me . I think it might have been cheaper. I have to allow, though, the 5 ft. 2 in. 125 pound girl at the hotel deserved every penny after lugging my 40 pound suitcase up two flights of stairs!!!

Pictures will follow.


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